Want to do it yourself?

Here is a list of materials & suppliers that have the parts that fit most gas lamp post and mailboxes in the Fontainebleau subdivision.
(Mailbox parts are further down the page.)

Gas Lantern Parts:

Most houses in Fontainebleau have one of these two brands.
Modern Home Products HK1A – Black or
American Gas Lamp Westmoreland 300 Outdoor Gas Light
Some houses have upgraded their gas lamps with copper Bevelo gas lamps.
Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights | New Orleans Copper Lights

Check the sides of your lamp and you will see the name cast into the lamp above the glass.

Please verify your lamp style and model before purchasing any replacement products.

We use 2 coats of original Rust-Oleum gloss black and red spray paint to protect the mailbox and lamp post. Once the mailbox and lamp post have been scraped, sanded and cleaned with a degreasing soap, we spray two coats of Rust-Oleum black and red.  


General parts




Replacement Glass – Tempered
Measure your existing glass to make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Check the model on side of your lamp.  Typical size is 8.25” x 8” x 4.5”
If you are worried about size, we keep the ‘Modern Home’ and ‘Westmorland’ glass in-stock. We can stop by and install it free with the purchase.

Gaslight Panes, Tempered Glass




American Gas Lamp Works

For copper Bevolo lamps, you will need to contact them directly since they have a large variety of sizes and shapes.
Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights | New Orleans Copper Lights

Complete Post

Black Lamp Post with Cross Arm


 Cross Arm

americangaslamp.com  steel ladder rest

Newport Coastal Black Plastic Cross Arm with Gold Balls


Mailbox & Mailbox Parts

Need a complete new mailbox? 
Call Erik Mendoza @ Brandon Industries in McKinney, Texas.
Brandon Industries | Quality Streetscape Solutions
Fontainebleau Mailbox and Parts:
Mailbox: M1-A BK  Estate Mailbox w/ 4″ OD tenon Black
Fluted Pole: MPF#54 BK  Fluted Aluminum Pole 6063-T6 5″ OD x 54″ Black
Bottom Ring: SB-15 BK  Slip Over Base for 5″ OD Pole

If you want to see a sample mailbox, we installed one at 1143 Rue Bayonne in February 2021.


Die Cast Aluminum Flag kit Red: This flag is really nice!
Brandon Industries | Quality Streetscape Solutions
Call Erik Mendoza @ Brandon Industries in McKinney, Texas.

If you want to see a sample of the mailbox and /or the flag, we installed one at 1143 Rue Bayonne in February 2021.

Here is another flag that works. Kinda.

PostFlag.com: This one has 3M adhesive , but we drill the mount and add a stainless steel bolt directly into the mailbox.  We have had the adhesive fail on a couple of boxes.  If you just use the adhesive, lightly sand the location and wipe the area with alcohol before sticking the flag.


Mailbox Numbers – Vinyl

Mailbox Numbers -Vinyl
We own a machine that cuts the numbers per order.
If you need new numbers, send us an email with the numbers you need and we can print 2 sets – one set each side – for only $18.00. kingjenny@bellsouth.net

Mailbox Numbers – 3D Acrylic

Mailbox Numbers -3D Acrylic

We order the 3D Acrylic numbers from https://www.signlettersource.com/

These numbers are not cheap & not fast since they are cut to order.

Here are the Specs:

1.5″ x 1/4″ Flat Cut Acrylic, Metallic Gold (Color #2756), using the Goudy Extra Bold font, with No mounts, and No Pattern


We use a 2 part epoxy to glue the letters to the box. We have also used a clear construction adhesive that worked well.
We pre-layout the numbers using a ruler and use clear packaging tape on top to hold the layout.
1.    Lay the numbers out as you want them to read with correct spacing.
2.    Next, lay packaging tape, with extra tape on each end, to over the numbers and press down. Now the numbers are stuck to the tape in the correct spacing.
3.    Apply adhesive to the back of the numbers and apply to the mailbox. Using the extra tape, stick it to the mailbox itself on each end to hold the numbers in place while the glue dries.
4.    NOTE: Check that the numbers lay flush on the mailbox before applying tape and adhesive. Some numbers, like the 4, need to be sanded on the top back edge to fit flush on the mailbox.

Decided not to do it yourself….

If you are interested in having us restore your mailbox and light post to its original glory, please fill out one of our work orders and email it back to us. It can even be just a photo of the completed work order sent to us by email. kingjenny@bellsouth.net

Pricing / Work Order